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Owner & Founder

Alissa Phelps

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Alissa Phelps is a seasoned business management consultant with over a decade of experience in QuickBooks and human resource management. With a deep understanding of business operations and compliance requirements, Alissa has helped numerous businesses achieve their goals and streamline their operations.

As a QuickBooks expert, Alissa has helped businesses of all sizes implement and optimize their financial management systems.


From setting up new accounts to training staff on best practices, Alissa has the skills and experience to help businesses get the most out of their QuickBooks software.

In addition to financial management, Alissa also has extensive experience in human resource management and compliance. Alissa has worked with businesses in a variety of industries to ensure that their HR practices are in line with state and federal regulations, including equal employment opportunity, wage and hour laws, and workplace safety.

With a focus on client success, Alissa is committed to delivering personalized solutions that meet each business's unique needs. Whether it's optimizing financial reporting, streamlining HR processes, or ensuring compliance, Alissa works closely with clients to achieve their goals and improve their bottom line.

Alissa holds a Bachelor's degree in Business and is a Certified Professional from the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM-CP).  When not working with clients, Alissa enjoys spending time with her husband and two boys, traveling, and volunteering in the local community.

Lucy Harrigan
Operations Manager
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